Sexing Your Gecko

Young Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos have become favorite pets among the family of lizards. Geckos are native to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan where the terrain is dry and rocky.  The geckos are nocturnal and live on and under the ground. A leopard gecko has a triangular head and a large tail where it stores fat.  Its skin is bumpy and heavily patterned. These patterns make them attractive and appealing to pet enthusiasts. More importantly, the patterns are designed to camouflage the gecko from predators in the wild.

Ever wondered how to distinguish the gender of your gecko? The only way to identify a male from a female is by looking at the vent area of a sexually matured gecko. The vent is on the belly side at the tail base. Above the vent, between the rear legs, is a series of pores in the shape of letter “V”. Males have large pores and females have small pores that are not easily visible. Doing this gender check may not come easy as leopard geckos do not want to be turned upside down.

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