How Snakes See and Hear

Rough Green Snake

How snakes see is usually unclear to many. Most have the misconception that snakes are almost blind. While their vision isn’t as acute as human vision, they have other tools that work in harmony with sight to give them a very robust image of the environment around them. A snake is very near sighted. Also, they have trouble seeing things that aren’t moving. In this case, snakes use their other senses such as smell which is done by the flicking of their tongue

Snakes have superb hearing abilities. That is despite their lack of external ears. They have an excellent sense of smell. Their sense of smell is so sharp that it allows them to track even the exact direction of their prey, turn by turn. In addition, there are some species of snakes like the pit vipers, which have a special infrared vision. Snakes do have ear parts inside. Sounds travel into the snake’s body through muscle to bones in the jaws. These bones are next to the inside ear parts.

Snakes have unique means of using their senses. Whether they are smelling with their tongues, hearing through their jaws, or seeing with heat, snakes have some amazing ways to survive in the wild.

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