Want a Reptile as a Pet?

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Once interested in reptiles, your next move is to choose which pet reptile to get. You can choose among snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and more. Among the family of snakes, corn snake is a common choice of snake enthusiasts. Corn snakes are not venomous, and the nip of a baby corn snake doesn’t even hurt. As they get older, they naturally become tamer and more docile. If you are into lizards, getting a gecko is a considerable choice. There are many species of geckos and the most popular is the leopard gecko. It’s a good starter reptile. They are docile, relatively easy to tame and also relatively easy to care for. Frogs, turtles, tortoise, iguanas are other popular pet reptiles.

Despite their popularity, getting a reptile as a pet requires ample preparation. Unlike a typical pet dog, reptiles need more than just ordinary food and shelter. If you plan to own a reptile at home, you must do some research on how to provide proper reptile care. Reptile needs vary on the specie that you are getting. Each has its unique needs and characteristics. One thing to prepare for your pet reptile is its shelter.

Two of the basic requirements in creating a home for your reptilian pal are heat and a reptile-friendly container. Aquariums, vivariums, and boxes of the home-built type are all good places for your green friend to call home. The easiest lining for the cages of many reptiles is newspaper-it’s easy to change and easy to tell when it’s wet. Turtles need a more humid lining, such as soil mixed with peat moss. Geckos will like smooth aquarium stones in the bottom of the cage. Snakes will appreciate rocks to facilitate shedding, and iguanas and snakes both will like a hardwood driftwood branch for climbing. You must also be well-aware of the dietary needs of the reptile you picked to own.

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