Making a D-I-Y Vivarium

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Setting up your own vivarium can be very challenging yet a rewarding task. Sure you can buy a readily built vivarium to avoid the hassle of constructing one. However, you can also enjoy building your own using your skills and putting your own concepts into it.

First thing to do in constructing a vivarium is to gather all the necessary materials that you would want to put in your vivarium. Depending on the design you have in mind, construct your vivarium with style but make sure you put everything in place and install all the necessary equipment. You can check online for guides in constructing the substrate since it is an important section of your vivarium. Do not rush into finishing your project. Take time and do everything carefully to avoid problems later on. Also consider how you’ll be able to maintain the cleanliness of your vivarium. It must be constructed in a way that is easy for you to clean and maintain.

If you have no spare time at all, buying a ready-made and fully-equipped vivarium ( such as our recommended vivariums for sale )is always an option.

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