So you think you want a snake?

Baby corn snake

Baby corn snake Image by mcwetboy via Flickr

So you definitely want to own a snake at home, but how can you know for sure which snake is the right snake for you?

Despite the numerous species of snakes in the world, only few of them are commonly kept as pets. The factors to consider in choosing a pet snake are: snake size, temperament or behavior, feeding habits, and health in captivity.

Knowing the how long or how huge your snake can get is very important. You have to prepare a suitable cage for your snake as it grows. For health reasons, a snake should be able to stretch out two-thirds of its body length inside its own cage. So if your pet snake reaches an adult length of six feet, the snake should ideally have a cage that’s around four feet in length.

For typical pet owners, only snakes with good temperament should be considered. There are snakes which are naturally aggressive, dangerous and difficult to handle. These types are not for beginners or inexperienced snake enthusiasts.

Knowing what to feed your snake is also as important as providing their shelter. It is a lot easier if you chose a snake that will readily accept frozen or thawed rodents on a consistent basis.

Like other animals, not all species of snakes are suitable to be kept in captivity. Some would develop health risks. In order to keep your pet healthy, you must provide proper sanitation aside from a healthy diet and sound environment.

One of the favorites among snakes is the Corn snake. Corn snakes are highly adored as pet snakes because they average just over five feet in length. More importantly, they have good temperaments and can easily be tamed when handled once a week. They also have an easy to follow diet and can live long and healthy while in captivity.

Snakes are awesome, beautiful creatures that can make great pets. If you’ve decided that a snake is the right pet for you, take the time to learn more about different types of snakes in order to identify the snake that’s best for you.

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