Keeping a Lizard at Home

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Lizards have become popular pets. Depending on the type of lizard, pet lizards are generally harmless. They also have distinct characteristics and needs minimal attention.

The best way to keep your pet reptile at home is by providing them a well-equipped vivarium. A vivarium is best described as an enclosed living area for reptiles and amphibians. The enclosed area serves as the home of your pet. It is very important that you construct your pet’s home similar to its environment in the wild.

A lizard vivarium for example must be equipped with several materials to ensure the safety and wellness of your pet lizard. A variety of climbing/clambering surfaces not only gives your lizard places to explore and to hide, but also makes the cage more attractive.

If you’re keeping a desert lizard, you’ll need to keep the cage furniture to pieces of cholla cactus skeleton and rocks. Living plants, even xeric-adapted plants, tend to add moisture to an environment that is already enclosed. For jungle species like geckos and iguanas, you can add pothos and dwarf sanseveria along with climbing limbs and vertical slabs of corkbark. Branches can be added but keep them at least 1.5 times the diameter of the lizard, so the branch can be securely grasped, and wedge the branches into place so they don’t slip.

The considerations in setting up a tank for your lizard depend on the type of lizard that you desire to own. It is important to provide them the best habitat but at the same time it must be easy to maintain so that you can enjoy your pet to the fullest.

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