Aspen Bedding for Tortoise, Snake or Reptile

Aspen Bedding

Aspen Bedding

Komodo Aspen Bedding is the preferred bedding choice for thousands of snake, tortoise and reptile breeders the world over.

Many people consider the choice of bedding (also called substrate) to be simply aesthetic. However, the substrate has a greater effect than just decoration, and provides a microclimate environment that can affect the health of the inhabitants.

Although choosing the reptile bedding is partially a matter of the owner’s personal preferences, it must also take into account the needs of the occupants.

Burrowing species for example will prefer both a depth of substrate and a type that they can easily tunnel through. It might be important to have a very dry, easy to clean bedding such as CaCO3 Sand for a desert species.

Some amphibians and reptiles will require a more humid substrate like Tropical Terrain to simulate rain forest conditions. In many habitats the ideal solution may be to provide a selection of diverse substrates at different levels. This will provide a variety of environments as well as a more natural and visually attractive living space.

Komodo Aspen Bedding is available in a 14kg Bulk Sack or a smaller 6 Litre pack is also available. Follow these links for the 14kg or the 6 litre at great prices.

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