Snake Skin Shedding – How You Can Help

Snake Skin Shedding - Rat Snake's moulted skin

Snake Skin Shedding - Rat Snake's moulted skin

Snake skin shedding is perfectly natural. In fact your snake needs to shed it’s skin to stay healthy.

To try to shed it’s skin naturally, a snake will normally attempt to split it’s stretched skin by rubbing it’s head against a hard object such as a piece of wood or a rock. Alternatively it may try to rub between two rocks to achieve the desired effect.

Once the skin splits, the snake will continue to rub until the skin peels back on itself from the head end and the snake can crawl out from its old skin.. Effectively, the old moulted skin is left inside out and very often still in one piece.

When snakes such as corn snakes, boas, pythons, milk snakes and king snakes are kept as pets in the home, there can be issues with skin shedding due to improper diet, lack of humidity, poor health or even stress.

Of course, you should always do everything you can to ensure that your snake doesn’t have any of these problems (by providing a balanced diet and a humid vivarium etc) but in these situations we also recommend that you use Rzilla Shed Ease which assists with the snake skin shedding as well as helps with the development of new skin.

Here’s a link so you can see more details about Rzilla Shed Ease.

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