What to Feed Your Pet Gecko

A Cricket

A Cricket

Geckos like to eat crickets as their main source of diet. It is important to ensure the crickets are not too big for your gecko to handle, a good way to judge this is to never feed a gecko a cricket that is larger than their head in size.

The amount of crickets to give will depend on the age and size of your pet gecko. They must consume the crickets within 15-20 minutes. If not, crickets will roam inside the cage and this may disturb your geckos. Remember, you must gut load the crickets before giving them to your geckos.

Geckos also enjoy mealworms as food. Mealworms are live animals that you can give about once every week because they are not very nutritious. When serving mealworms, the head off the mealworm must be pulled then serve them in a shallow bowl.

For baby geckos, fruit flies are highly recommended as their main source of food.

Aside from their basic diet, you must provide vitamins and supplements to your geckos at home. Supplements are usually available in pet stores. Just like other animals, vitamins will keep your gecko healthy and protected from common illness and diseases.

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