Pet Salamander Care

Fire salamander

Pet salamanders are often owned by children (actually usually boys) who enjoy slimy little creatures that they can watch and take care of. If you want a salamander at home, you will need a place to house your pet salamanders. The best way to keep a salamander at home is in a terrarium.

Once you have the tank, the bottom must be covered with some soil.  You can ask the pet store what they would recommend or you could get some dirt out of the yard and cover the bottom of the tank with that. As long as the bottom is covered entirely, your salamanders will be good to go.

To keep your salamanders active inside the tank, add in some rocks for them to climb on and crawl around.  Tree barks may also be added so that your pet will have a nice place to hide when they want to be left alone.

One thing to keep in mind is that salamanders need to remain moist.  This means you have to put something in the tank to provide moisture. You can use a small bowl filled with water and place it in the tank with the same level with the soil at the bottom. Your salamander will drink from this bowl and also dip in it in order to get the moisture that it needs to be comfortable. You will need to refill this water regularly.

The salamander’s skin can be very sensitive. They also shed skin usually once in a week. Their skin may produce an oily like substance that may irritate human skin. Because of that, it is best to avoid touching the salamander unless it is necessary to do so.

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