Wondering how Bearded Dragons reproduce?

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With their streaky spikes and skin, Bearded Dragons are fascinating reptiles and make excellent pets. With one of the best temperaments of all lizards, they are generally docile, and many seem to actually enjoy being handled. They are up during the day and sleeping at night. They are usually quite tame and easy to handle.

Wondering how Bearded Dragons reproduce? It is said that bearded dragons should not mate until they are at least 18 months old. A male and a female bearded dragon must be placed in the same enclosure where there is enough space for the two to cohabitate. Eventually, you will need two separate habitats in the long term as well as a suitable habitat for the hatchlings when the time comes.

Once a sexually mature male is ready to breed, its beard darkens. He will bob his head and stamp his front feet to gain the attention of a female. He may begin chasing her around the enclosure, and he may bite the base of the female’s neck while attempting to position for breeding. The male then everts a hemipenis and inserts it into the female’s cloaca.

How do you know when a mating has been successful?  While developing her eggs inside the shell gland, the female bearded dragon will appear fuller in the abdomen, and she may eat less and may even stop eating altogether. A female usually lays her eggs four to six weeks after a successful mating. There must be a place for her to lay eggs. This egg laying box needs to have a substrate (layer on the bottom of the box) and the substrate should be deep enough to lay the multitude eggs she may produce.

A female will lay about 20-30 eggs. The eggs must be handled with extra care upon moving them and placing them in an incubator. The eggs shall hatch after 65-75 days. Newly hatched dragons should be left in the incubator for a period of 24 hours to allow the yolk sac to be absorbed.

Newly born bearded dragons will usually start to eat within 72 hours of hatching.

Make sure your Bearded Dragon is housed correctly by checking our Bearded Dragon Vivarium guide.

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