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Jenny asks…

Leopard Gecko?

What should I use for heating a leopard gecko‘s tank? If I use a under tank heater do I only put it on one side and leave the other side alone? If I use the under tank heater do I need to use a lightbulb?

Chris answers:

Yes, you only want to put the under tank heater on one side. That way there is a warm size & a cool side to the tank, the gecko can decide where it wants to be on the temperature gradient.

No need to use a lightbulb for a leopard gecko, they are nocturnal, so don’t need the UV like many other reptiles do. And the under tank heater will provide the heat needed, so no light is needed.

David asks…

leopard gecko?

would an under tank heater provide enough heat for a leopard gecko? it would be in a room thats 65 with reptile carpet. so would it produce enough or would i need something else too. if you know the brands please tell me.
do you know what brand it is?
i want the brand to know what works
i know that they dont need uvs no one answered my question good

Chris answers:

The breeder is wrong on this one. Leopard Geckos are nocturnal and they do not need a UV light. It won’t hurt them, but it certainly won’t do any good. You could use a regular light bulb for added heat, but a UV bulb is just a huge waste of money.

An UTH is what I recommend, it should do just fine. It might actually get too hot under only reptile carpet; some recommend you keep 1″ of substrate between the lizard and the heater. So you might have to build it up with extra layers of carpet or paper towels–read the directions on the UTH, it should say. I don’t know any brand names but Petsmart will have some on the reptile aisle. And a ten gallon is fine, the bigger the better but a ten gallon will be fine for the life of the pet.

Steven asks…

Leopard gecko?

How many mealworms should I provide daily? How many crickets do I feed a baby leopard gecko everyday? When do I start feeding it every two days? Do I feed the same amount when I start feeding them every other day?

Chris answers:

I would feed a baby 5 mealworms a day and introduce crickets at around 3 months old. Mealworms are good for babies to grow because they are high in fat. Crickets are also harder to catch when they are young. I would throw in about 10 small crickets to start with and see how many are eaten and go from there. You could start feeding every other day around 9 months old or just feed a little less every day .

Maria asks…

leopard Gecko?

I just got 2 new leopard geckos and they are different morphs than what I’m used to seeing. Does anyone know of any websites that have pics of the different morphs. I’ve already did a search of pics and found nothing.

Chris answers:

You could try these:……

Could you post a photo? Maybe if we saw it we could help.

Linda asks…


i was wondering how much can you handle a leopard gecko when you first get it?

Chris answers:

Simply put, wait 1 week. And then, only if he has been eating, you can begin to gentlly handle him. Short sessions are best. If he runs a lot then put him back. They generally walk and explore cautiously when they are not stressed. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to only handle him inside the tank at first, then gradually take him out.

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