Your questions about water moccasin snake

Michael asks…

Is it possible to get bitten by a Water Moccasin while the snake is swimming or under water?

Chris answers:

They can bite under water, but that doesn’t mean one is going to swim up and bite you. I’ve seen numerous cottonmouths (aka water moccasins) and they would much rather get away than bite you. You’re usually only going to get bitten if you’re harassing it.

George asks…

can a water moccasin snake bite under water?

Chris answers:

Ok…everyone who answered was right as far as the question goes, I just wanted to add something about Bears response. As someone who has spent a lot of time in Cottonmouth territory, he must have never seen a Cottonmouth, because they do not chase you. I have lived around, seen, studied, and photographed these snakes for 10+ years and I know them well. Oh yeah, the chances of one killing you is very slim as well, though it does happen very rarely.

Paul asks…

Water Moccasin Snake?

Are they Really Aggressive? would they Chase you an are they Extremely poisonous? idk i was in a lake and some started comming at the boat like they were goiing to attack us lol

Chris answers:

Are you even sure what you saw were cottonmouths (aka water moccasins)? They prefer swamps over clear water such as lakes and streams. You probably saw harmless water snakes. And it is a myth that cottonmouths chase people. This is said by people who fear them or are not knowledgable about them. Ask any biologist if they chase people and they will all tell you no. Water snakes are much more likely to approach a boat than a cottonmouth.

Nancy asks…

what if a child gets bit by a water moccasin-cotton mouth snake?

i have a 1 year old and an infant we have a pond what do we do

Chris answers:

Well for starters, do not let them play outside unsupervised. The pond presents a greater danger than the snakes.
If bitten by a cottonmouth, a trip to the doctor is in order. Immediately.
Learn to identify your native snakes. Throughout the range of the cottonmouth, one or more species of water snakes occur. Although they bite, they are non-venomous, and are usually much more common than the cottonmouth. People frequently confuse the species.

Linda asks…

is a water moccasin bite fatal to dogs?

we live in a relatively small town with a nice sized yard, we do have woods around, and ditches it seems, everywhere. we keep our dogs outside during the day, and i was wondering about snakes, particularly water moccasins. is this snake‘s bite fatal to dogs? what is the correct treatment prior to rushing to the vet?

Chris answers:

Snake Bite Facts
Only 25% of snake bites actually inject venom on the first strike.
Out of the remaining percentage only 15-20% of the venom is actually injected.
Out of the 15,000 bites annually that occur only 3% are actually fatal.
When treated,only 1% of cases are fatal.
Snake bites are painful, and you should try and keep your pet calm.
The severity of the bite depends on many factors:
How agitated the snake was, climate/weather, temperature, age and size of the snake,
weight of the snake, whether of not the snake was in defensive posture, the venom capacity of the snake and of course the type of snake.
Water moccasins/Copperheads are the least potent venom of the venomous snakes of USA, and generally require time for skin wound healing but are not fatal.
The prognosis in a pet with a pit viper bite is generally good with prompt treatment.
Here are videos of what to do if bitten..They include for pets , adults, and for children–what-to-do-if-pet-bitten-by-a-snake/1577922307
If you would rather read the first aid, it is here, on the PetPlace:

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