Your questions about king snakes

Thomas asks…

king snakes?

how many types of king snakes are there?

Chris answers:

arguably there are about 25 species and subspecies of king snakes that is including Zonata but not Triangulum(milks) . king snakes are a complicated spices there are many people that would argue some species.

Steven asks…

What website could I use to buy king snakes for cheap?

reptiles- only king snakes perferrably the common king snake,I need some to eat both rats and other snakes and I don’t want to have to pay a fortune for them.

Chris answers:

PetSolutions, definitly. They send them to you at a very reasonable price. But shipping adds another 30-40 dollars…PetSolutions is best.

Carol asks…

King snakes?

For owners are they pretty docile are they ok for a first time snake owner?

Chris answers:

I have a black and while banded California King snake who is 6 years old. (I have had him since he was 2 months old). They are docile snakes but if you want them to stay that way you need to handle them in increments of 10 minutes, maybe twice a day while their young to get them used to it.

My snake is very sweet and has never bitten me or lunged at me or anything aggressive. They do get to know their handler and prefer to be held only by them; a friend of mine who loves snakes was holding him and he musked on her, when most other people hold him he gets very still and silent, when I handle him he is very outgoing and like to slither around my neck and rest there. (he recognizes my scent and my energy).

They are desert snakes and like to bury themselves so the best substrate is bark mixed with a substrate similar to soil (I use compressed coconut that is specifically for reptiles). He will need a water dish large enough for him to submerge his body in and he will need two caves or hides one on the cooler side of the tank and one under the heat lamp for basking. You should also get several plants and such to help with shedding.

Juvenile king snakes should be fed pinky mice, adults should either be fed adult mice or rat pups. (mine is eating rat pups now as the adult mice weren’t big enough and he was needing to eat three to be full). I suggest getting a small container such as a deli container and poke some holes in it, and use it for feeding. This way the snake won’t associate your hand entering the tank with food, also they like to eat in small enclosed spaces (especially when they are young).

Also NEVER put any other snakes in with a king snake. They are called KING snakes for a reason, they are cannibalistic and WILL eat any snake that is smaller then them. Don’t feed the snake when it is going into a shed either, you will notice it’s colour dulling, its eye’s turning cloudy and blue and a reduction in movement because the snake is conserving energy. You should mist the tank once or twice a day regularly, when the snake goes into a shed mist him 3 or 4 times a day. It is also very important that you get a thermometer and keep an close eye on the heat and humidity levels as snakes need very specific heat and humidity levels in order to ingest and digest food and to shed. (when he does shed, check the skin and make SURE that he has shed his eye caps (this is IMPERATIVE) or the snake can and will get a severe eye infection or will go completely blind as they will have eye caps stacked on top of eye caps.

Hope this helps
email me if you have any more questions

David asks…

How often do king snakes poop, and what does it look like?

Its been about 1 week since i have had my king snake, It was fed two days ago, and i have yet to seen any poop, He/she likes to hide under the aspen bedding so maybe ill find it when i change the bedding tommorow… any help? thanks

Chris answers:

It takes about 2-3 days after eating and you’d better pray to whatever deity you believe in that you are not holding him when it happens because snake shit is like tar and does NOT come off of clothes or furniture. It looks like a black pellet about half inch round by about 1 inch long, may be a bit bigger if the snake is fully grown.

Maria asks…

Is it ok to put sand in a King Snakes tank?

I have a Baja Caved king Snake and I’m not sure if I can put sand in its tank or not.

Chris answers:

it all depends on who you talk to about bedding. i personally use aspen which i find very good as long as its the “chunks” not the shaving because the shavings make it easier for them to swallow. with sand tho i prefer not to use it. for one it is easy to ingest but not digest. which in the long run with any reptile it can cause impaction. tho i have known many people use it and had no problem with it. but if you do choose to use it bake it first. makes it safer and no parasites. sand alo is a pain to clean.

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