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Thomas asks…

what sand do i need for bottom of reptile vivarium?

thinking of setting up a reptile vivarium (leopard gecko/s) but need to know what sand i would need for the tank and could you please recommend what type of heat source, lighting etc that i could also purchase to make the vivarium suitable for leopard geckos, have info from internet but would appreciate info from lizard keepers has to how to keep them alive for their whole life span,

Chris answers:

personally, i do not use sand as it can cause impaction. i use lino that someone has spare from a new floor or something as it conducts heat well from the heat mat underneath. if you use a heat mat under the lino that covers only half the viv so the geckos can regulate their own temperature, 2 hides, one on the warm, one on the cold. it would also be a good idea to put some moss in the warm hide to help with shedding. you will need a bowl of fresh water, a bowl of calcium too. lighting, if you have a heat mat you wont need a light to be a heat source. we use a red light at nite so we can see our geckos.
how to keep them alive and well, never feed them food bigger than they can eat, watch their toes when they shed, if any skin gets stuck, you will need to help them to remove it with a warm wet cotton bud as this cud lead to lost toes! dont stress them too much and just watch for signs of illness.
good luck! they are the best pets 🙂

Ruth asks…

how do i put a ceramic lamp fixture on my reptile vivarium?

i bought a ceramic lamp fixture for my reptiles vivarium, and it has a wired top, i know that i have to cut a small hole in that to get the wire through, but how do i get it through? as the plug is too big to fit through the hole and so is the light socket, can anybody help me??

Chris answers:

You can get replacement plugs at most home depots or lowes and you cut the other plug off, strip some wire and rewire to the new replacement plug. I did that with all my heat panels and lights for the cages. Depending upon the species of reptile though, you may not need a heat lamp. I’m assuming since it’s not a UV lamp, it’s a snake. An undertank heater is a better choice and it doesn’t need to be in the cage. Make sure any heat sources have a thermostat to regulate the temps.

Laura asks…

What can i make a reptile vivarium out of?

I know that u can make a viv out of wood but is thair eney other substance like styrofoam or something like that

Chris answers:

You should not try experimenting to much, reptiles (snakes at least) tend to be sensitive to certain chemicals. Stick with aquariums (you can find broken ones that won’t hold water, but are solid enough to hold a reptile for VERY cheap on craigslist), or build something using wood (with a VERY thick coating of reptile-safe polyurethane sealant) and glass (or plexiglass, though real glass is better).

Robert asks…

Building sliding plexiglass doors for a reptile vivarium?

How would you build those sliding plexiglass doors?

Chris answers:

All you need to do is make sure you cut the plexi the right dimensions and then place the plexi in the grooves. Should take you about 5-8 minutes worth of work. Have fun with your project!

Linda asks…

What is the best material to make a reptile vivarium from……in your opinion? ?

Chris answers:

Hey, i made mine myself and mine is constructed of beech wood and glass where the top is.
Hope this helps..and good luck if you are making onne yourself.

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