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Richard asks…

What should I do with un wanted bearded dragon eggs and should I prepare a box for laying the eggs?

My bearded dragon laid one single egg today… not sure if she’s going to lay more and I’m not sure if I should prepare a place for her to lay more eggs (if any) even though I don’t want them.

Chris answers:

I would go ahead and prepare a place for her to lay the eggs this way she wont become egg bound if there are more to be laid. As for the unwanted egg(s) they are little living creatures so try to nurture them and in the meantime, there are sites such as and fauna classifieds that consist of many reptile lovers alot of these people incubate their reptiles eggs and would love to purchase any eggs that you might have and its is free to advertise on both of these sites.

Ken asks…

How do I incubate bearded dragon eggs?

Help, my bearded dragon has just layed eggs and I dont know what to do. I have a small spare tank so I was going to put them in there but I dont know what to put them in and what temp they need to be at etc! I am so excited but totally clueless on what to do and I want to give them the best chance. Can anyone please help me?

Chris answers:

you need to do these thing quick or they wont hatch. you need to get an incubator for about $50. thess put the egg in with some wet vermiculite, keep the egg at about 27 degrees celcius, they will hatch in about 6 months and they will be hungry. prepare a SEPARATE cage for the babies with about 1000 pinhead crickets, dont put them neer the parents becaus ethey will attempt to eat them. good luck

Laura asks…

How do you properly incubate bearded dragon eggs?

to incubate bearded dragon eggs do u have to use pure vermiculite or can it be a potting soil mix with vermiculite in it?

and any other incubation help would be very nice. what should i incubate the eggs in and such..

Chris answers:

buy a hubovator…or herbovator.

John asks…

Do you cover bearded dragon eggs while incubating them?

I have seen man people incubating bearded dragon eggs, but I am unsure as to wether or not to cover the container of vermiculite they will be sitting in. Also, when the babies first hatch I know they are suposed to be left in the incubator for a day or two, but what precautions have to be taken in order to ensure the babies are safe?

Chris answers:

I cover mine but make sure the thing you put them in arent too shallow.

Charles asks…

How developed should bearded dragon eggs be at 6 weeks old?

I am incubating 23 bearded dragons eggs at 84 degrees and they are 6 weeks and 5 days old since my female layed them. There is lots of red blood vesuls i can see in the egg with a flashlight and a little shading area around the vesuls. How long shoulds it take for them to hatch at the temp. and how much development should i see in the eggs at that time?

Chris answers:

At that temp you should expect hatch of the eggs between 65 and about 75 days from when they were dropped.
The little blood vessels you see and the shadowing you see are all good signs that means that they are fertile. You will not see alot of large growth until shortly before hatching. You will not see much any way since they are developing at the bottom portion of the egg. It is important never to turn the egg as this will cause the youlk to seperate from the shell of the egg killing the embryo inside. Watch your eggs closely. When you see the egg start to dimple in a little cut back your humidity and let them hatch. If they are 6 weeks now I am guessing two maybe three weeks tops till you get some cute little babies. Now I want to warn you I just had 18 hatch here and I am going through about 2000 1/4 inch or 4 week old crickets every week and a half. They eat alot. Oh you should not pull them out of the incubator medium untill at least 24 preferably 48 hours after complete hatch. This allows them to finish absorbing the yolk sack without it drying out on them. It may take them up to 4 or 5 days to start eating after they are out of the egg. This is ok just make sure you are misting once or more a day. They need about 14 hours of light and heat a day for good growth you need a good UVB bulb plus do not forget to dust every meal as thier little bones are growing. Do not get in a panic if you see one poke its nose out and then sit there for several hours this is normal it is hard work to unfold yourself and climb out of that egg. So they will wiggle a little out and then rest, wiggle a little more out and rest. It could take up to 24 hours from the nose coming out to full hatch. Also not all of your eggs will hatch at the same time. They will however usually all start to hatch out within 24 hours of the first one hatching. Once they have all hatched and had time to absorb the yolk move them to tanks and make sure there are lots of basking spots so there is no fighting over who will get to use it. Offer a few crickets on day 3 in the tank to see if they go for them you will know right away if they are ready to eat. Once they start eating feed them all they will eat in a few minutes and do this twice if not three times a day to help them grow. start offering greens at this point as well they will eat them then it is not so hard to get them started on greens later on just make sure they are chopped really fine so they do not choke.
Sorry I just realized I was answering more than just your question. Good luck with the little ones

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