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David asks…

what would a female snow corn snake and a male bloodred corn snake offspring look like?

I was thinking about breeding my female snow corn snake with my freinds bloodred corn snake when she is older. Im curious to know what their offspring would look like or if anyone could tell me another type of corn snake that would have better looking offspring with her.

Chris answers:

All offspring would be normal het for snow and het for bloodred.
Now there are varying colors in the normal patterns.
This is also assuming that your snow and bloodred aren’t carrying any other genes that you don’t know about…..this is very common.

Sandra asks…

How can I tell how old my Snow corn snake is?

I was given a Snow corn snake. I have never had a snake before, my friend did have her probed to find out she is female, but I have no idea how old she may be. She is about 4 to 4 1/2 feet long and eats 3 adult mice every two weeks.

Chris answers:

My boyfriends (ex)friend brought a snowcorn last year and when he got it, it was at lengths of 4-41/2ft and still growing. This corn was an 07 and it is more then likely that this is how old your corn is.

However saying that corns will vary on their size from 4-6ft and your snake could be fully grown meaning it could be older.

But if yours is still slim and sheds every couple of months then it could still be growing meaning its not reached its adult size yet. If it had reach adult size then the time between each sheds will be longer. So on that note I would guess the age at 07.

James asks…

What do i do about my baby snow corn snake who wont eat?

My snow corn snake is not eating her pinky.Should i go buy a live pinky or no?

Chris answers:

you can try and dangle it it front of it, it should trigger a strike

Michael asks…

My Snow corn snake has been very active lately. Is this due to it being warmer maybe?

My Snow corn snake has been very active. more so than usual. Is there something wrong, or is this due to the warmer weather?

Chris answers:

This is nothing to worry about. It is indeed because of the warm weather and my snake too is also becoming more active.

Do however keep an eye on your vivarium temperature as it will increase within the summer months. Make sure, using your digital thermometer and thermostat, that your desired temperature always remains constant at 28C and always provide a water bowl (big enough for your snake to submerge its body in) so it can cool down if it overheats.
they cant regulate their body temperature like we can so they need something to aid them in thermoregulation.

Jenny asks…

my hatchling snow corn snake lies in his moss all the time ?

I have a snow corn snake and since iv had him he just lays in his moss i have a small log on top of his heat mat and i havernt seen him under the log by the heat mat , iv fed him a few times and he just gose back to his moss im a bit worried …. what dose that mean can anyone help me ?

Chris answers:

If he’s eating fine and not regurging, I wouldn’t think you have anything to worry about. They aren’t generally active during the day and are more likely to be out at daybreak and dusk.. Him hiding and sleeping during the day is normal..

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