Your questions about leopard gecko habitat

Daniel asks…

How should I set up my leopard gecko habitat?

What are the important things I have to include in a geckos tank?

Chris answers:

Please do not use any kind of sand substrate. Even the ones that say they are digestible are not good. Use repti-bark, coco coir, or just paper towels. The cage should be at least a 10 gallon but a 20 would be better. Heat only one end to 90 F and let the other get down to about 72 F. Place a moist hide with coco coir or sphagnum moss in it halfway on the warm side and half on the cool. This will let your gecko regulate his own temperature. Provide a shallow dish of water on the cool side at all times. Also provide a small dish of vitamin/calcium w/D3 for your gecko to lick up when they want it. You will also want a dish for food on the cool side.

Donna asks…

is is okay if I put tiles over the sand that is already in my leopard gecko habitat?

there would be not contact with the sand the sand would just be to give it height. There wold be no possible way the leopard gecko could get to the sand

Chris answers:

Yes, your gecko will probobaly love it, espessially if it isnt square, and has texures, like isnt smooth. The best place to get it is at your local landscaping supply shop, Not Home Depot because they sell Squares, BLAH

George asks…

Can I have a young box turtle live with a 4 yr old Leopard Gecko in the same habitat?

My younger sister bought herself a small box turtle a few months ago, but has not been caring for it. I have a leopard gecko that i have been taking care of for about 4 years now. I was wondering if i could possibly have them live in the same habitat with or without a glass separator. I would buy a new habitat altogether, but i really don’t have the money or the space.

Chris answers:

No, absolutey not, they have totally different husbandry requirements. Box turtles need a semi-humid, forest-like setup, whereas leopard geckos normally live on hard, rocky outcrops. The box turtle needs a cage with a basking light, and a SEPARATE light that gives off UVB radiation. Let me make this clear, that is TWO lights, NOT one. So many people think that just the heat lamp is enough. UVB radiation is the most imporant thing a turtle needs. Period. A bedding such as repti-bark, aspen shavings (NOT pine or cedar), coconut fiber, or newspaper pellet. Whatever bedding you use, make sure you give him lots of it so he can dig. No sand and no gravel! He also needs a large, shallow dish of water, and something to hide under. Box turtles eat an omnivorous diet consisting of worms, insects, fruits and vegetables. They are particularly fond of nightcrawlers and strawberries. Leopard geckos do best on ceramic tiles, newspaper, or paper toweling. Sand is junk and should never be used! Your sister should have never purchased a box turtle without learning about it’s requirements first. If you guys cannot afford to properly care for it, separately from the leopard gecko, please find it a new home so it doesn’t have to suffer from your sister’s wrongdoing!

Steven asks…

Leopard gecko habitat?

What would I all need to set up a nice Leopard gecko habitat? I just got a 29 gallon tank with a screen today. I will only be keeping a male in the tank.

Chris answers:

You will need some type of substrate (I prefer Ground English Walnut Shells..looks like sand, but is totally digestible), an Under Tank Heater, a lamp with a red bulb, a thermometer, a food dish, a water dish (large enough for him to soak in, but shallow enough so he can’t drown), and at least one place to hide (a rock or log).

Nancy asks…

Would anyone suggest me buying this? (Leopard Gecko Habitat Kit)?

I’m going to get a leopard gecko, and I was just wondering if I should buy the “All Living Things® Leopard Gecko Habitat Kit”

I’m thinking of buying it for the heating mat, and all the other things would be a bonus. Oh, and those stick on thermometers aren’t so bad are they?

the stick on thermometers are the round, spherical ones

Chris answers:

I think it is great. I say buy it. And the stick thermostats you are talking about. Is that the flat sticker ones? They are okay but they fade very easy. I say get the round plastic ones. Be careful about stuff like heat rocks and all. Since reptiles are cold blooded they will not realize how hot something can be and end up burning themselves. I say a heating mat that goes under the tank would be the best bet if you felt you really needed one. Good luck and have fun. Leopard Geckos are fun to have.

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