Your questions about pet reptiles

Steven asks…

(10 points) What is your take on small children/pet reptiles?

Is it okay to allow a small child to have a pet reptile?

By small children I mean ages 5-12, when everyone wants that big puppy dog at the pet store. Usually this involves mom/dad doing most of the feeding and cleaning, and of course being okay with it.

My nieces are too small for pet reptiles yet, imo; and my sister won’t step near anything with scales so, I just want to know what your personal opinion on the subject is.

Chris answers:

YES….my son is 4 1/2 and my daughter is 11 months. We have 9 Snakes ranging in size from 5 feet to 13 feet. We also have a 7 year old bearded dragon, Chameleons, fish, & a dog. My kids love the animals. What you have to realize is they are pretty much your responsibility but you get your kids involved in helping with taking care of them. That is how kids learn. I would definably say yes to reptiles. We educate our kids about our animals and they love them. Their little brains work really well when absorbing stuff they learn. You are going to have to help take care of it…..but have the kids help out. Get them involved.

Lisa asks…

are ultrasonic rodent repellers safe to use when you have pet reptiles?

I have a pet leopard gecko and a russian tortoise who are lovely but i have house rats which are evil, i am an animal lover who does not want to kill anything but do not want to traumatise my reptiles if they would be sensitive to the frequencies. please help me.

Chris answers:

I currently have the ultrasonic rodent repellents running in my house. I have 1 russian box tortiouse, 8 red eared sliders, 4 birds, 3 rabbits, 3 cats and 5 snakes. I have never had a problem with them except for the rabbits. They don’t seem to bother my other animals at all but during mating for my rabbits it seems to throw them off so I have to remove them to the outside or shut down the repellers while there mating.

Thomas asks…

what do you call a person that keeps pet reptiles?


just wondering what do you call a person that keeps reptiles as a pet?

don’t call us weird or anything because i have a pet snake.

thanks in advance

Chris answers:

People that keep reptiles/amphibians as pets or breed are Herpetoculturists

Herpetologists are scientist that study reptiles and amphibians

Helen asks…

If I were to consider opening up my own pet/reptiles/fish shop in the future, what do I need to do?

– I was wondering if there were any certificates or qualifications that you need in order to sell pets?
– Would I benefit from taking a business course first?
– How much income to regular pet business make?
– Is it a good idea?

Chris answers:

you need a shop and some stuff to sell and a head check.

Donald asks…

What US Airlines accept bringing pet reptiles along onboard?

Hi. I have a pet turtle I would like to bring along my travels with me. I would like to know if there are any US airlines out there that will accept my turtle on the plane? Thank you.

Chris answers:

You should check with the airline, they have that kind of stuff on their website

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