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Paul asks…

has anyone used the website strictly reptiles to order reptiles or other things ?

just want to make sure it is not a scam before i buy

Chris answers:

I honestly wouldn’t recommend ever buying a reptile or a reptiles items off of the internet. You cannot examine for any signs of illness or anything. I think your best bet is to go to a pet shop or find a breeder.

Nancy asks…

Reptiles: Cold Blooded in MORE than one way?

Studies suggest that reptiles, and even amphibians are strictly instinctual animals without any distinctive personality outside their own species. I’ve only owned a Bearded Dragon myself, and I can’t say he seems to express any personality like my dog or cat. Also-can creatures who eat their young be as compassionate as their mammal cousins?

I was wondering if any of you reptile lovers had an opinion.

Chris answers:

as a person who has had hands on experience living with and dealing with many many herps over the years(understatement) i can definitely say that they are all individuals with individual personality’s. no study of animals cant show you what living with them 24/7 can. by the way compassion is an emotion and emotions and personality’s are totally different . reptiles DO NOT have emotions.that is strictly a mammalian trait( OK some birds too!!)

Daniel asks…

What reptiles are herbivores?

I would like to get a reptile, probably some type of lizard, and I want one that is a herbivore, strictly. What ones are herbivores.

Chris answers:

Uromastyx are strictly herbivores, and they look pretty sweet in my opinion. They vary in size depending on the species you get.

Ornates tend to stay pretty small and can be any number of colors, bright blue, green, yellow, red, but are fairly expensive.

Mali’s are black and green as males, and more earthy tones as females. They usually average out at about a foot long, but sometimes can get bigger. They are extremely hardy probably one of the most available species of these animals in the pet trade. This is probably the one you would want if you are a beginner with these lizards.

Egyptians are the biggest in these species, sometimes getting over two feet.

There’s a couple other different types such as a Sudanese, and Saharan species of this animal.

No matter what animal you decide to get you should read up on them to be sure that you are capable of caring for them.

You can find all the information that you need on Uromastyx at If you just so happen to decide that a Uromastyx is the route you want to go you could even order from Douglas Dix of I have heard nothing but good reviews about him.

Ken asks…

Allergies: What are You (Really & Figuratively) Allergic to ?

Take this question easy & come up with your funniest best!

As for me, I’m mentally & temperamentally allergic to pets ( birds & animals & reptiles) & strictly not girls.

Figuratively, I’m allergic to persons pampering on, fawning upon & showering too much attention on me.

What about you, My friends?

Chris answers:

I’m allergic seafood, cats and bees.
Figuratively i’m allergic to waiting

Betty asks…

does anyone know if the burbank animal shelter in california euthanizes small animals as well as dogs and cats?

i know they euthanize dogs and cats, but are small animals (reptiles, rodents, livestock) an exception?
i do not want to kill any of my animals this is strictly for research purposes.
please do not tell me to just call them, if i could i wouldnt be asking online.
please dont comment on the question if u dont have the answers.

Chris answers:

don’t no look it up

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