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Maria asks…

Can my baby panther chameleon eat grubs?

I own a baby panther chameleon (less than a month old.) It eats a lot of pinhead crickets, household flies, ants, and other small insects. I recently gave it some grubs that had infested one of my plants. My chameleon tried to eat it and whipped its head back and forth like the grubs were bad or hurting it, then tried to eat it again. Is this particular grub harmful to my chameleon? Please help.

Chris answers:

i wouldnt feed it anything you havent bought from a pet shop or somewhere like that, you dnt know wheres its been what its ben in contact with or if it has a disease/infection or something like that, it could also have been in contact with pesticides or other chemicals which could killyour chameleon, just stick to buying the food as this is the only way to be safe

Steven asks…

What type of panther chameleon should i get?

Im going to be getting a panther chameleon and im wondering which one i should get. Here are what i can get. Nosy Be, Ambanja, Ambilobe x Nosy Be, Sambava x Ambilobe, Sambava x Nosy Be, and Ambilobe x Ambanja. My chameleon died 2 months ago and im now deciding to get another one.

Chris answers:

ok my favorite type of panther chameleons are the blue barred ambilobe chameleon
and make sure to do alot alot alot of research and a hint incase you dont know already
your gonna need a cage with the dimensions of atleast 2ft wide 2ft deep and 3 ft high at the least
your gonna need high humidity and alot alot of foiliage (lots of plants)

Donald asks…

How often do you need to feed a panther chameleon?

Im getting a panther chameleon soon. Somea Animals like snakes can go a long time without eating? how long can panther chameleons go without eating and how often do you feed it?

Chris answers:

pretty much every day. chamelons are very fickle, one day they will look great and suddenly the will be sick, once you can see they are sick it is always too late to save em. I try to feed mine every day, crickets, and when i run out i always have a thing of large mealworms so he can have a few of those when ther are no crix, but seriously, like three days TOPS with no food, and everyday they need water

James asks…

How do you transport an adult panther chameleon?

I need to ship my adult panther chameleon on an airplane with me. Any recommendations on how to ship him? I can either carry him on the plane or put him under the cabin. I just want to make sure he makes it okay!

Chris answers:

check with the airline for their policy about carry on pets. he may be allowed to ride in the cabin with you. If so, purchase a crate thats airline aproved like this Put your chameleon in a old pillow case. tie a knot in the end, put it in the crate and your good to go. Its escape proof. At security you can walk thru the metal detector with the lizard in the pillow case and the crate can go thru the x ray..

Thomas asks…

What size/type of cage for a Panther Chameleon?

I am looking at buying a Panther Chameleon. What size cage should I get, what type?
How easy are they to care for?

Any good links would be great!

Chris answers:

Most chameleons are hard to keep. Panther chameleons tend to be easier but keep in mind they are still hard. For cages I suggest if your going to buy one as a baby, past three months:20″x20″x10″(screen mesh), that should work for about eight or nine months. Then go for a cage as big as you would like. To buy a chameleon(panther) go to Highest quality chameleons on the web. For quality cages(these are expensive, I don’t own one myself) go to or if you can’t afford that, go to the store and pick up a screen mesh cage, roughly, 80-150 dollars. If you need anything else just ask.:D

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