Your questions about how to build a vivarium

William asks…

What type of wood should I use to build my corn snake vivarium?

I’m looking into getting my corn snake vivarium built for me but am not sure what wood to use or if it would need treating?

Also I’ve heard not to use perspex but use glass…does it matter? If I need glass where can I buy it and how much does it cost?

I’m in the Birmingham (UK) area and thinking I should build a 4 1/2 ft vivarium

Chris answers:

you can use wood and it will be cheaper but glass is always a better option. With wood, if your snake ever has mites your done for with wood. mites will burrow their eggs and themselves into wood. and you’ll never fully get rid of them with that . glass is much safer in that Sense. if money is not a problem i have always recommended and if money is a problem than that both are good ways to get quality vivarium and the accessories for it. i hope that helped and good luck.

John asks…

How to build a vivarium for red eye tree frogs?

I have decided to buy couple of red eye tree frog,and I would love some help on how to build a good vivarium for them ( frogs)

Thank you.

Chris answers:

This forum has some good instructions:

Good luck!

Lisa asks…

How to build a vivarium or terrarium?

I’ve seen a few sites showing you how to make backgrounds and terrain for vivariums and terrariums. Some of these sites are pretty good but others are really vague in direction. I know lots of people use egg crate, waterfall foam and peat moss to construct backgrounds.
Anyone know any good sites or books on this topic?

Chris answers:

Robert asks…

how much does it cost to build a vivarium?

how much will it cost to build a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft viv for my bearded dragon??

Chris answers:

Depends on where you shop for materials and the quality of materials you buy. B&Q do a very good conti board/mdf. They do big sheets of it, which you’ll need about 2/3 of and they are about £11 each I think, so £33 for wood. They also cut it for you. If y ouwant a good finish on it you need the finishing strip which is about £7, you iron this on the exposed ends.Runners are quite expensive, about £6 per strip and you’ll need 2. Glass its quite reasonable, use a local glaziers if you have one. All in all about £45-55, but then you have to add your equipment.
But, it is so much cheaper than buying from a shop.

Chris asks…

how to build a vivarium?

id like to build our water dragon his own vivarium as we just cant afford one the size i want. if anyone has any designs or tips id deeply appreciate it, im lookin at building one about 6ft x 4ft x 2.5 – 3ft deep and it’l be my first attempt so please help if you can. Thankyou and have a nice day

Chris answers:

these are the two sites that helped me to build my own hope it helps.

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