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Carol asks…

I need to source Vivarium Background paper?

I have a vivarium size 2ft x 2ft x 6ft and i need to source a supplier that i can purchase background paper from to fit the back wall of the vivarium (2ft deep x 6ft long).

Not really concerned with the design although a black background or a ‘rocky’ looking one would be good…

Thank you

Any help appreciated

Chris answers:

linoleum might be a good choose
It come in so many patterns, Including rock and marble
self adhesive self paper
And of course there is photo paper for aquariums
Cages by design has nice background but not sure if they sale it by itself.
or you could make a stonewall ,check out this Q?;_ylt=AqlkFAg6ym_TU0cRhGNLWpvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080304104921AAEyezk&show=7#profile-info-AA11314607

Add: with linoleum such a small piece you may be able to get free

Daniel asks…

Can i use the same UV light which is designed for a 3ft vivarium for a 4ft vivarium ?? (Bearded Dragon)?

Im going to be getting a new 4ft vivarium, at the moment i have a 3ft vivarium, can i use the same UV light from there for the 4ft vivarium?

Thanks alot 😉

Chris answers:

I really don’t think that 6 inches on each side is going to make much difference. I would do it if it were mine. I know how expensive those fixtures and bulbs are. Just make sure you change the bulb every 6 months.

Charles asks…

Building A Vivarium HELP?

Hey guys I’m looking at building a vivarium for x4 bearded dragons. Can anyone tell me what woods I need what kind of glass and like a tell me everything I need to buy like nails etc. Also if anyone hasxa design or structure can they plz email me on . Thanks

Chris answers:

If the bearded dragons are already fully grown, consider getting a very large, probably more than a 100 minimum gallon tank if you are going to house them all together. Otherwise, a 40 or 50 would be fine for individuals. If they are still juvenile, then you might want to start with a 10 or 20 gallon, depending on how small they are. A standard glass aquarium should work, just get a screen lid that fits it right. If you are going to make the tank, then go to a hardware store, buy aquarium safe silicone, and buy a couple sheets of glass, ask them what type would be best. Once you have the right sized glass, silicone them together. You could even tape them together, but I would only do this with a desert tank. Inside just use paper towel or cage carpet unless they are adult then you can use sand (if you are afraid of them getting impaction, then buy calcium sand, or just stick with the paper towel or cage carpet). For decoration, use driftwood or mopani wood (mopani wood lasts longer though). Maybe put in some real or fake cactus and some caves or logs. Put some rocks in there so they can climb and bask on them. Then a couple water/ food dishes and the inside should be fine. Then buy UV and heat bulbs and you should be all set.

George asks…

how much would a bearded dragon cost along with it’s vivarium?

i really need a accurate price for a bearded dragon and its cage or vivarium?
im not a biginner with reptiles so plsss dont tell me to go research first lol
i live in washinton, dc area so please keep signs in dollar.
im going for a 40 gal tank but dont know how much it cost so you can start with that.
plss just list all the important needs ill take care of the designs and all that, thank you.

total cost:___________??

Chris answers:

If the pet stores are anything like the restaurants then everything costs a lot more in DC than it does where I live lol. It’s hard to tell what you’ll be spending on everything, as a lot of places (locations and stores) have different prices. I spent a few hundred dollars on my beardie.

You’ll need:
A tank
Heat light and bulb
UVB bulb
Substrate (like reptile carpet)
A basking spot
A hide
Gages for Temperature and humidity
And stuff for crickets (cage, food, water, paper)

That’s the basic stuff.

And not a beginner or not you need to do Research on beardies, even if you’ve owned one before. It’s a great idea to brush up on your care info BEFORE purchasing the reptile (even if you’re not a beginner). You can never know too much.

I hope this helps. 😉

Laura asks…

Is it a good idea to build a reptile enclosure with wood?

I’m thinking 3 of the 4 walls will be wooden with a glass front. The top will have a wire mesh. The basking light will be placed on the wire mesh. What drawbacks could come from this design?

Something that looks similar to this:

Minus the cabinet space

Chris answers:

Plexiglass is not a better insulator than wood and you can seal the wood inside with some type of verathane such as is used on boats. You do have to make sure that the wood is fully dry and that the odor from the sealant is gone before placing the snake in the cage. I have cages built from melamine. That has a plastic coating on it to make it water proof and then I also sealed the edges inside with Silicone. Drawbacks are weight: wood is heavy. It also will warp and delaminate if you use plywood from the moisture of the feces or spraying (why you need to seal the wood). I use heat panels or heat mats designed for use in cages (with a good quality thermostat regulating it of course) to heat. I dislike heat lamps because they pose a fire/burn risk and they dry the air excessively. Even with a wire mesh, if the snake should touch the mesh, they will get burned. Regulated heat mats or heat panels will not burn the animal. Other than that, they are cheaper than a lot of models out there. If you want to see what mine look like, you can go to my website and look under “about us”. There are pictures of the cages there. Melamine is more expensive than plywood, but it looks nicer, comes in a variety of colors and it’s resistant to water.

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