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Betty asks…

lll reptile?

is lll reptile a good company to buy from yes are no

Chris answers:

I have purchased various pet supplies, crickets, meal worms, and several animals from them; and I have nothing but good things to say about their company.

LLLreptile has been very personable, professional, and helpful. All of my orders have been shipped quickly, the products in good shape and exactly as described, the feeder insects well fed and alive, and all of the reptiles healthy, happy, and exactly what I was looking for.

They have also been very tolerant, helpful, and friendly about my asking for certain things on the reptiles (I.E me pestering them with questions about the animal I am buying like when it ate last, what it is eating, how old, last shed, asking for a certain gender or temperament, etc), and a lot of ‘big name’ reptile companies are nowhere near as accommodating and hospitable with me when I am making so many inquiries. 😉

All in all; I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an online reptile supply store. 🙂

I hope this helps, and if you have any further questions at all; please feel free to message me and I will be happy to assist you.

Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Are the reptiles from lll captive bred?

I am planning on buying a baby ball python from lll reptiles. are they captive bred?

Chris answers:

I wouldn’t buy from They have a very bad history of shipping, sick animals, and bad business practices.

You would be much better off buying from a reputable breeder with a positive standing in the industry. LLLReptile is only good for buying supplies, not live animals.

They are not all captive bred per se. They have an ever-changing stock and usually put “CB” in the description if they are indeed captive bred. If it doesn’t say CB, they are probably imports… which might explain all the sick animals they seem to send out.

EDIT- my bad on the “drop” part of the shipping. If I was misinformed, then I apologize. As for my personal experience… I purchased a bearded dragon from LLLReptile when I was first getting into the hobby. She arrived underweight and had parasites. Had to take her to the vet and spend a small fortune fixing her up. is a GREAT place to read reviews on other user’s experiences. Most of them are negative for LLLReptile due to the huge amount of sick animals being shipped out. Scott, if you are actually inspecting them before sending them out, then yikes… because some are very clearly covered in mites, etc (as seen on Fauna).

If you do a search in the classifieds section of Fauna, you will find several breeders with 2010 CAPTIVE bred babies going for $20 or so.

Donna asks…

Has anyone bought a snake/reptile from LLL reptile?

If so were they good quality?

Chris answers:

Http:// looks to have good quality.
They have been in business a long time.
They also have lots to choose from.

I would buy from a local breeder to be on the safe side.

Sharon asks…

is lll reptile safe to buy live animals from?

Chris answers:

lll reptile is where i got most of mine from, they arrived very quick and in great health, if you have any questions give them a call, they are very friendly and knowlegeable

William asks…

is LLL reptile a PET good store?


Chris answers:

I can’t speak to the quality of their live animals, but I do know they have great customer service and I have used them for feeders and other supplies. If there did happen to be a problem with your live animal I feel confident that they will work with you to take care of whatever problem you have.

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