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William asks…

reptile cages……………..?

Does anyone know of any custom reptile cage builders in Canada. I know there is places like “animal plastics” and “boa phile plastics” but those are US companies and I don’t want to pay the extra shipping fees to Canada.

I have a pregnant sunglow boa and need a few more cages, as they have a larger clutch then ball pythons.
For the people who might get mad that I don’t have cages before breeding, I only need about 10 more, and I have a few months.

Chris answers:

All I can tell you is to join RedTailBoas forum. I am a member and so is the boaphile, Jeff Ronne. There are a ton of good people on that forum and would be willing to help you. There are other members that live in Canada and have the same issue. Depending on what part of Canada you live in, and how much driving you would be willing to do. There are others that live in the states that would be willing to help. For instance, I live in South East, Michigan. For a price I could receive your cage(s) here at my house, and drive to Detroit to meet you and give you your cages. Please, at least join the forum, it is a forum like no other and we are all like family there, and we would love to see some pis of that gravid sunglow.

Lisa asks…

How can I disinfect furniture for reptile cages?

I have some driftwood that I’d like to use in my reptile cages (2 snakes, 2 bearded dragons). It was found outside, so I’d like to disinfect it first. I’ve heard something about using a bleach solution, but I can’t recall the ratio of water to bleach. Is this safe for my animals? What is the procedure for cleaning with bleach? I’ve also heard something about baking reptile furniture in the oven to kill parasites and such. Would this be ok, since the furniture here is wood? I’m afraid they’ll catch fire or something. What temperature should the oven be set on if I can do this? I really need to know the bleach technique or something else, though, since two of the driftwood pieces won’t fit in my oven!

Chris answers:

You can also boil them in a large pot. Once the water changes color, dump it and add clean water. Do this until the water runs clear and then you’re wood’s fine.
If you’re trying to use your oven, try to angle the wood. Ususally if it’s at an angle it should be fine.

Maria asks…

What are the best internet sites for building reptile cages?

i would like to see all the internet sites for making reptile cages for my reptiles

Thank you very much

Chris answers:

If you want to make a crossfire enclosure go here:
This is good if you have a bearded dragon or another dry land reptile.

Another good looking site:

If you’re willing to buy plans:

Good luck on your enclosure!

Richard asks…

Can that carpet u put in reptile cages be washed?

I saw some carpet for reptile cages can it be washed like in the washer?

Chris answers:

I have been using reptile carpet for 25 yrs.You can just wash it with a hose and let it air dry for at 1-2 days.If you wash it in your washer I suggest you just put OXY Clean to clean it.I have used that for 5 years on mine.and make sure it is washed with hot water.

Never had any problems with my snakes with Reptile Carpet.

Snake owner for over 25 years

Lizzie asks…

Where to buy the cheapest reptile cages n Edmonton, AB?

Im buying a leopard gecko tomorow.
– Where are some good, cheap places to buy 10 gallon tanks for cages
– Cheapest place to buy reptile supplies

Thaanks. ;]
+ Does ONE leopard gecko really need a 10 gallon tank?

Chris answers:

Make your own. Much cheaper.

It can be as ugly or as pretty as you want to make it.

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