Are you Brave enough to Keep a Snake?

Corn Snake

Corn Snake

Scared of snakes? Even a tiny snake on the ground makes some individuals scream out for help. Snakes in general are perceived to be dangerous and that’s mainly why people are usually scared of snakes. Truth is, not all snakes are harmful. In fact, there are several snake species which can be kept as pets at home.

Corn snakes (Elaphe guttata) make an excellent choice for beginners, even for teenagers. They are great ambassadors to introduce to people who are afraid of snakes. Corn snakes are generally docile and relatively easy to take care of. More importantly, they are non-venomous constrictor. They also do not grow too large and lengthy. Corn snakes come in different colors and patterns which make them very attractive. A full grown adult is about four to five feet long. They reach sexual maturity at the end of their second year to the beginning of their third year.

Unlike other snakes, the shelter for corn snakes is easier to provide. A glass terrarium with unyielding locking devices works fine. Make sure there is good ventilation and well-regulated temperature. Corn snakes need heat to be active and to digest food. For this, you can place a heat pad under one-half of the tank, this keeps one side cooler so that your snake can regulate its body temperature.

Other snake species that can be considered as pets are king and milk snakes and ball pythons.

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