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Tips on Choosing a Gecko Vivarium

Choosing the best gecko vivarium can be a matter of personal choice, combined with the professional knowledge of pet suppliers.

Geckos have emerged as one of the top selections of many pet owners. Some might argue that they are a perfect pet for many people. They are cool and cuddly, great for people living in homes, or small apartments, very low-maintenance, and unlike cats and dogs, are great for pet owners who have allergies.

Why a Gecko Vivarium is the Ideal home for a Gecko?

Geckos need a place where they can play and explore in a natural eco-setting. This is why a correctly constructed gecko vivarium will help your gecko to thrive and give you the best method of observing your gecko.

Gecko vivariums are also important to your pet’s health. Vivariums allow a safe environment for your gecko by giving it extra safety devices that keep it from getting out. You can also install lighting and heating devices that lets your gecko receive the proper amount of light each day, and lets it find the area where there is extra heat at night when temperatures can drop significantly.

What Type of Vivarium is Best for a Gecko?

The most important consideration in choosing the best gecko vivarium, should be the size. You can get by with just a couple of feet of space for each gecko, but it’s better to have at least a 20 gallon vivarium. Understand that when your gecko has more space, it will be happier and healthier than if it is cramped up. You should also remember that geckos love to climb, so taller vivariums would be better.

The type of gecko vivarium you choose should also be determined by the type of gecko you have. Some geckos live in tropical areas where it is very humid, and full of plants, while other geckos live in desert areas where it is very hot and dry. Most desert areas will have very few plants, and a different landscape.

Recommended Types of Heating and Lighting

The type of heating for your gecko vivarium would depend on the type of species of gecko you have. Tropical geckos will not require as much heat as desert geckos. So, your heating could range from 70 to 85 degrees.

You can choose a heating lamp with a ceramic top for ample heating. Try using a 50 to 75 watt bulb. UV-B lights help produce vitamin D3 in geckos, helping their bone structure.

Heating pads that fit under your vivarium work well by providing heat in one section of the structure, without producing light, which can disturb nocturnal geckos.

In regards to lighting, UV-B lights work well with many geckos, because they come the closest to duplicating natural sunlight, which helps with calcium. However, many nocturnal geckos do not require UV-B lights. You can use special red and blue night lights for nocturnal geckos.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Gecko Vivarium

Do not use hot rocks in your gecko vivarium, because these rocks can damage the skin of your geckos.

Use special carpeting, cork flooring, or gecko-safe sand to line the floor of your vivarium.

Hiding boxes, or cave like structures provide your gecko with a place for privacy, and somewhere to go when it doesn’t want to have any light during the day. These hiding boxes can be made of various materials, but you should make sure that the material is sturdy, because some geckos love to chew, and you don’t want them swallowing anything that will harm them.

Many geckos need a humid vivarium to protect their skin. You can use spray bottles, wet tissue and other materials to keep the vivarium moist.

Wood such as cedar or pine should not be used inside your gecko vivarium. Both materials contain substances that are dangerous to your gecko’s respiratory system, and can kill it.

When purchasing a gecko vivarium, it’s always best to get one from a company that specializes in them such as the range we recommend at Make sure you are a responsible pet owner, and always think about what is best for your pet.

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