Live Crickets

Live Crickets – Nutritious Live Food for Your Vivarium Pets

Live Crickets

Live Crickets

Live crickets are a common feeder insect for vivarium pets. Live insects allow your pets to strengthen their natural hunting instincts. You will find that most lizards, amphibians and snakes, prefer live food over frozen, or dried foods.

It’s possible to substitute other live foods with live crickets for most vivarium pets. The fact that crickets like to jump around, makes them excellent sources of food for pets that like moving food.

In order to have healthy vivarium pets, they need to be fed healthy live crickets, or other insects. This way, your pets can live long and healthy lives.

Housing for Your Live Crickets

In order to feed your live crickets, you first need to place them in proper containers. You can use large buckets, unused glass vivariums, large garbage bins, and other large plastic containers. It all depends on the size of your colonies. Use a proper top so your crickets won’t jump out. It should also be well ventilated. The best is to use a well-fitted aluminium screen, so no flies cannot get inside.

You need to have enough space in your container for the amount of live crickets you have. If you use a container that’s too small, you will end up with many dead crickets. If your crickets are piled on top of each other, your container is too small. Each cricket should be able to sit easily on the bottom of your container.

Feeding Your Live Crickets

You need to provide water and food for your live crickets to keep them healthy. A good way to give them water is to dampen a sponge and place it in the container. The live crickets will be able to extract water from it. You can also use coconut fiber and dampen it, too. You don’t want to put water in bowls, because your crickets can easily drown if they are bunched together. If you don’t want to use sponges, you can also use water gel crystals. This solves the problem of accidental drowning, and you don’t always need to replace them as often as sponges, or coconut fiber.

Live crickets eat many types of food. You can feed them cornmeal, fish flakes, old bread crumbs, powdered cat food, and others. You can also use fruit peelings, apples and oranges, and different raw vegetables. To keep the food fresh, it should be changed often. The important thing is that crickets need a diet that is high in protein to stay alive and healthy.

Also, if your live crickets are healthy, your vivarium pets will also be healthy when they eat and digest them. However, as with most live food, it’s best to ask your supplier for the best results for each type of live food you are using.

What Vivarium Pets Like to Eat Live Crickets?

You will find that live crickets are a hit with most vivarium pets. Tree frogs, chameleons, Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Monitors and others, eat them as a staple food. You will be amazed at how tree frogs love to hunt live crickets.

Remember, your live crickets should be smaller than the size of the distance between your pet’s eyes. Anything larger could be dangerous for digesting.

Live crickets and other live food are usually the best for most vivarium pets. Just make sure you get your live food from a reputable live food supplier, and you increase the chances of a longer life for your pets.

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