Live Locusts

Live Locusts

Live Locusts – Tasty, Crunchy and Loaded with Protein

Live locusts are an excellent choice of food for many of your vivarium pets. They provide a good diet that is high in protein. Most vivarium pets prefer live locusts over live crickets. Giving live feed to your vivarium pets helps them to practice their natural hunting skills, and relieves them from boredom.

Eating is an every day part of your pet’s life, and your job is to make it as pleasant as possible. Before you feed your vivarium pet with live food for the first time, you should ask the pet food supplier the proper amount and sizes of live locusts you should give. Different pets have different eating habits, so it’s necessary to find out about your particular species.

Giving live locusts to your pet will transform your vivarium into something closer to your pet’s natural habitat. Remember, most snakes, lizards, geckos and frogs hunt for their food in the wild, so live food is usually a welcome treat.

How to Care for a Live Locust

Your live locusts will generally come in tubs. They are usually provided with enough food that will keep them healthy for a week. If you put them in larger containers with more ventilation, they will be healthier for a longer period of time.

Live locusts are best kept at a temperature around 27 to 28 degrees Celsius. You should keep a thermometer, and make sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed 33 degrees Celsius, or gets lower than 25. Do not keep them in any space that receives direct sunlight, or it will be too hot for them.

Locusts are vegetarians, and mostly like to eat grass, cabbage and bran.

What Vivarium Pets Prefer a Live Locust?

Geckos – Geckos love to eat live locusts. When starting out, give each gecko two locusts, and if you are sure they like them, the next couple of times you feed them, you can add a couple more. Make sure you dust the locusts with calcium powder, or other vitamins, and they should be fed within 24 hours of last feeding your gecko.

Bearded Dragons – Along with vegetables, Beardies also eat live locusts. The locusts shouldn’t be bigger than your Bearded Dragon’s head. The locust should be dusted, and you should remove any locusts from your vivarium that your bearded dragon hasn’t eaten within ten to fifteen minutes.

Frogs – Some species of frogs like to eat live locusts, too. The size of your frog will determine what size locust to feed it. Check with your pet food supplier to find out the exact sizes. Do not over feed your frogs. Frogs can easily gain weight, so they cannot be fed live locusts every day.

Chameleons – Most chameleons like locusts, as well as crickets. You should attempt to feed your chameleons every day. Occasionally they won’t want to eat, but you should retry later, or the next day.

Other specific species, such as Monitors, Water Dragons, Skinks, Green Anoles and Leopard Geckos, love to eat locusts, too.

Remember, a live locust is packed with protein. It should be included as part of your pet’s daily diet.

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