Live Reptile Food

Live Reptile Food

Live Reptile Food for Your Bearded Dragon

Live Reptile Food – Finding the Best Live Food for Your Vivarium Pets

Live reptile food is vital to the health and survival of most reptiles. It provides rich sources of protein, and allows your vivarium pets to sharpen their natural preying skills.

Sometimes live reptile food is replaced with frozen food. A lot will depend on the type of live reptile food that you are feeding them, and what your pet prefers. Insects and other live reptile food can be found year round. If a live food supplier isn’t available in your area, live food can be easily shipped to you. Even during winter months, live food is shipped in special packages that keep your live food insulated against dangerously low temperatures.

Special mice are bred for reptiles. They are kept and fed in conditions that keep them free from disease, and another great source of protein for larger reptiles. Pre-packaged tubes of insects and worms are kept as live reptile food. They can be picked up at your local live food supplier, or can be delivered, or shipped. All make excellent sources of food for your reptiles.

Some of the best live reptile foods are crickets, fruit flies, mealworms, super worms, cockroaches and locusts. Some vivarium pet owners do not like most super worms, because these are usually worms that have been fed hormones to increase their size rapidly.

Trusting your Live Reptile Food Suppliers

It’s always best to rely on live food suppliers to feed your pets. There is a lot required in raising live reptile food, and if you don’t have the time, or experience, you can be assured that your pet is being fed the best foods, and is free from any diseases when you purchase them from a live food supplier.

Another thing to remember is that live food suppliers are experts in knowing what your pet needs. Not only do they raise live reptile food, they can also tell you what is the best amount to feed each type of vivarium pet, and what pets prefer certain foods over others.

Live Reptile Foods and Your Vivarium Pet’s Diet

Feeding your reptiles is much different than feeding other house pets. Most reptiles cannot remain healthy if they exist on a diet from company prepared reptile foods. You can’t buy them dried food, like you do for cats and dogs. They need live or frozen reptile foods to survive.

Most reptiles prefer food that they can hunt. In order for them to hunt the food, it usually has to be live food, or you will be required to use various instruments to manipulate the food, so it looks like it is moving. This can be quite difficult, and to convince most reptiles that it is alive, it usually needs to be alive!

Some species such as Bearded Dragons, Water Dragons and Green Iguanas also need a balanced diet of vegetables.

Live Reptile Food – Conclusion

Never give your reptiles food that is too large for them to properly eat and digests. Again, you should ask your live reptile food supplier what is best.

Live reptile food is the most necessary part of your reptile’s diet. Providing safe and nutritious live food can help your reptiles live many long years. It also helps your reptiles experience a part of life from their natural habitats.

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