Reptile Terrarium

Reptile Terrariums - Bearded dragons

Reptile Terrariums - Bearded dragons

A Rocking Reptile Terrarium

Reptiles make excellent pets for people; they represent a little piece of ancient history that you can share your home with without the fear of being turned into a meal. Like with all pets, there comes a certain set of responsibilities that comes along with ownership of another form of life. You are your pet’s sole source of food, shelter, and comfort and therefore it’s your job to make sure you know exactly what your pet needs.

Now most of us when we think of pet care can often fall into the trap of thinking that all animals are basically the same. Well intentioned as this is, it’s important to remember that reptiles are very different from mammals and have their own unique set of needs.

The very first and most important decision you should make for your new pet is what kind of terrarium you are going to buy. A proper reptile terrarium is an absolute must, and should be bought before you bring your new reptile home. There are a number of factors to consider when buying a terrarium, and customizing it for your new reptile.

The first thing you’re going to need to know is the type of reptile you’re getting. This will help you get a general idea for the kind of size you will need. Make sure to take in account just how big your new pet can grow when deciding on what kind of reptile terrarium to buy. Thinking ahead like this will save you the cost of a new terrarium in the future.

Now that you know what kind of reptile you’re getting, and have the proper size scoped out. It’s time to consider what kind of environment your reptile will feel most comfortable in. Some reptiles will feel more comfortable with sand, rocks, or a more wood setting. Using an environment that isn’t tailored to your reptile can have a negative effect on its health, and happiness.

Make sure that your terrarium can accommodate the kind of environment that your reptile will need. The next factor in terrarium selection to consider is lighting. Now the most common kind of lighting for reptile terrariums is fluorescent or ultraviolet light bulb, and each of them is a good choice. The key with choosing is to use the one that is best tailored to your reptile’s unique needs.

Another factor that might be overlooked in terrarium is something as simple as water placement. It’s important you select a terrarium that your reptile can easily access without much effort. So make sure that if your reptile isn’t a climber that you buy a terrarium with a low level water access.

Like most goods nowadays there are some specialized terrariums that are designed for specific animals and this can actually be a surprisingly good thing. If your future pet is one of those reptiles who have had a terrarium custom designed for his species, then you can usually find them a lot cheaper than regular terrariums but also designed to meet that reptile’s unique requirement.

A reptile can make a fun pet, and with a little planning you can buy the right kind of reptile terrarium to make sure it will be around for a long time. You can see our recommended range of terrariums by clicking here.

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