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How to Choose the Right Reptile Vivarium for your Pet

If you own, or were thinking about owning a reptile as a pet, you’ve probably started to look around for a reptile vivarium. A vivarium is the ideal habitat for a reptilian or amphibian and is absolutely essential to the well being of your animal. But how exactly should you choose your vivarium? Well, in this article, I will show you exactly what type of vivarium would be the best for your reptile, what type of living conditions your vivarium should provide and some extra information that will help you in your search for the perfect vivarium. So let’s get started, shall we?

Well first, you have to keep in mind that reptiles need specific heating and lighting to feel comfortable. As you may already know, reptiles are cold blooded animals, which means that they lose most of their body temperature, so that means that they need adequate heating for their survival. Heating equipment such as incandescent lights and an under tank heater is essential to any vivarium.

As far as lighting goes, you absolutely need to have a UV light installed. If you don’t install a UV light in your vivarium, your pet could suffer a D3 vitamin deficiency that can dramatically shorten his lifespan…

Your reptile vivarium should also have a good level of humidity and be entirely waterproof. To ensure a good level of humidity, you should invest in some hydrogen clay pellets that you dispose in the bottom of your vivarium and soak in water. Wooden enclosures are also a great way to maintain a good humidity level inside your vivarium and give your reptile or amphibian the best living conditions possible.

Now, the type of vivarium you’ll choose will be greatly influenced by the nature of your particular pet. If you have a lizard that likes to climb, you should consider a taller vivarium with a lot of branches that will allow your animal to roam freely. But if your reptile has more of a sedentary nature, a wider and longer vivarium with plenty of basking spots would be better.

When it comes to choosing the material for your reptile vivarium, you can go for a wooden structure, or an all glass vivarium. Some people prefer wooden vivariums because they fit well with their living environment. They’re easy to modify and adding new heating and ventilation equipment to them is super easy. But glass vivariums have a certain flair to them that a lot of pet owners will be attracted to, so make your choice of material depending on you tastes and needs.

So there you have it, if you follow the guidelines I just gave you, you should be able to find the perfect vivarium for your pet. Just make sure it has the proper heating equipment, has a good level of humidity and go for the material you feel fits your environment the best. This way, your pet will be able to enjoy an exciting and secure environment that will increase its longevity and well being.

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