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Vivarium Accessories – A List of the Top Accessories for Your Vivarium

Vivarium accessories are a necessity for your vivarium. Without them, you only have an empty area. With them, your vivarium begins to come to life.

What Type of Vivarium Accessories are Best?

When providing Vivarium accessories, you should think of your vivarium like it’s a home. Regardless if you have snakes, geckos, lizards, or frogs, your vivarium will provide shelter for them 24-hours a day. Don’t you think they deserve a little comfort?

You need to match the accessories with the types of pets that are inside. You should read thoroughly about your pet before you purchase one. Learn about its native habitat, and create a similar environment.

Highly Recommended Types of Vivarium Accessories

Here is a list of the most popular vivarium accessories. Remember, the number and types of accessories that you need, will depend on the pets you have inside, and your likes and budget.

Heating Pad – Your vivarium needs a source of heat. If you have a tropical type of vivarium, you can create a false bottom, by using an egg crate, or other material. Under this bottom, you have space for a heating unit. This should provide extra heat in one section of the vivarium, and your pet can go there when it needs some extra warmth.

Heating Lamp – A heating lamp can provide similar heat, but instead of placing it under a false bottom, it’s attached over the top of your vivarium. Heating lamps come in a large variety. Some of the best lamps are housed in ceramic, or porcelain casings. There are even heat reflectors that can be purchased to direct the heat of your lamp to one specific area.

UV Lights – Ultraviolet lights are sometimes needed for certain reptiles that do not receive enough vitamin D3 in their diets. Also, there are certain species, specifically lizards, who are vegetarians, that don’t get vitamin D3 through their diet, and it’s best to use UV lights for them.

Just be careful that your pet does not receive too much UV light, because it is known to be harmful to the eyes and skin of certain species through excessive use.

Thermometer – Vivarium accessories nearly always include thermometers. Controlling the temperature of your vivarium is always important. You do not want your pets to be uncomfortably hot, or cold. Whether you use hanging, flat, or digital thermometers, they should be an essential part of your vivarium.

Pumps – In tropical style vivariums, pumps are necessary to remove excessive amounts of water that builds up when you have fountains, and other water flowing in your vivarium. Make sure you have a strong enough pump for your type of vivarium.

Water Dish – water dishes are one of the most important vivarium accessories. Your snakes, geckos, lizards, or frogs need water. Water dishes should be positioned so they cannot be easily overturned, and you need to change the water regularly. Many have rock, or other designs on the outside. Your water dish should be made of a non-toxic material.

Hiding Box – Your pet will sometimes like some privacy, and hiding boxes allow them to go inside, away from public view. You can create realistic looking caves, or they can also be purchased. Your hiding box should also be slightly humid, because your pet will use this space during shedding.

Calcium Dish – Geckos need extra calcium in their diets, and it’s good to have a calcium dish as one of your vivarium accessories. You can put about a cap full of calcium powder near the water bowl. When your gecko takes a drink, it will also lick a little of the calcium occasionally.

Substrate – Substrate is very important, because it helps control the filtration and humidity levels of your vivarium. The type of substrate that you use will depend on the type of pet you have inside. You can use bark, Peet Moss, coconut fiber, ready-made mixes, and even newspapers.

Again, the type of substrate you use, can sometimes depend on what your pet likes, and if you have a tropical, or desert style vivarium.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Vivarium Accessories

It’s not necessary to run out and get all of your vivarium accessories at once. However, you will need essential accessories. In addition, there’s no sense in getting a full range of accessories, and you have a sub-quality vivarium.

Find a durable vivarium with the correct amount of space for the number and types of pets you will have inside. Also, don’t guess about what you might need, if you really don’t know.

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