Vivexotic Vivariums

Vivexotic produce a superb range of contemporary wooden vivariums and cabinets.  In fact if we had to choose just one type of reptile housing, Vivexotic vivariums would be our absolute favourite!

All Vivexotic vivariums are supplied in flat packs but they are incredibly easy to construct, look amazing and will provide the perfect home for your pet reptile for years to come.

Whether your reptile is a frog, lizard, chameleon, tortoise, gecko or snake and whether the space you have available is a huge room or a tiny corner, you’ll be able to find a vivarium in the range that will be ideal for you.

Whichever style and size of beautifully crafted vivarium is right for you, you can also choose from the range of three modern colours: Elmau Beech, Winchester Oak or Tobacco Aida Walnut.

So, which of the range will be right for your reptile?

The first choice is whether your reptile is a type that likes to climb. If so, then you’re best looking at the AX ‘arboreal’ range. If your reptile is not a ‘climber’ then the ‘terrestrial’ LX, VX or EX ranges will be ideal for you.

Let’s look at each of the ranges in a little more detail:

The Vivexotic LX Vivarium Range

This range is for small terrestrial reptiles that don’t need a great deal of space. They are also therefore the smallest vivs in size and so the most suitable if you have very little space.

Vivexotic LX Vivariums

Vivexotic LX Vivariums

Each of the LX range is 16″ (40.64cm) high and 15″ (38.1cm) deep. You then have a choice of 3 different widths:

The Vivexotic LX24 is 24″ (60.96cm) wide
The Vivexotic LX36 is 36″ (91.44cm) wide and
The Vivexotic LX48 is 48″ (121.92cm) wide.

The Vivexotic VX Vivarium Range

This range is made for most common terrestrial reptiles that require a good amount of ground area.

Vivexotic VX Vivariums

Vivexotic VX Vivariums

Each of the VX range is 21″ (53.34cm) high and 18.5″ (46.99cm) deep. You then again have a choice of three different widths:

The Vivexotic VX24 is 24″ (60.96cm) wide
The Vivexotic VX36 is 36″ (91.44cm) wide and
The Vivexotic VX48 is 48″ (121.92cm) wide.

Made specifically for the VX range, there is also the CX Cabinet range that matches your vivarium and is made to lift it up and make it look like a beautiful pieve of furniture.

The Vivexotic EX Vivarium Range

This is the large terrestrial vivarium range which are suitable for larger reptiles that need more ground area to live in.

Vivexotic EX Vivariums

Vivexotic EX Vivariums

This range have a greater depth than the VX range and come in two different widths:

The Vivexotic EX48 is 48″ (121.92cm) wide
The Vivexotic EX55 is 55″ (139.7cm) wide

There is also the CEX range of cabinets that fits perfectly blow the EX to give storage and add to the overall look.

The Vivexotic AX Vivarium Range

These ‘arboreal’ vivariums as mentioned earlier, are designed for reptiles that like to climb and so are higher than any of the vivs discussed above.

Vivexotic AX Vivariums

Vivexotic AX Vivariums

They come in a choice of three different widths:

The Vivexotic AX24 is 24″ (60.96cm) wide
The Vivexotic AX36 is 36″ (91.44cm) wide and
The Vivexotic AX48 is 48″ (121.92cm) wide.

The matching CAX Cabinet range are perfectly made to raise your AX just enough to get the perfect view of your pet reptiles.

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